When I was a young boy, somebody bought me a point and shoot film camera for my birthday. 
In the weeks that followed as spring turned to summer I went around the garden and photographed all the flowers, bushes and trees. I was captivated by my new ability to capture and store the beauty of each plant indefinitely, even as the seasons came and went and the plants faded. 
Decades later photos of people are important to me for the same reason. Through the lens I get to capture people and their precious life moments. Characters and scenes that have the ability of evoking emotive feelings amongst those who are part of them, and also sometimes those that are not. 
My work consists of both formal and candid shots based in both studio and street. I prefer monochromatic work in almost all instances, but some colour does find its way into my portfolio from time to time. 
The majority of my work is private, but I might take commissions / commercial assignments depending on the brief.